We create the best
of the internet & more

We are Gloss Web Design, a web design and business support agency based just outside of London, in Kent. Whilst we specialise in web design and developer services, our services also cover IT & infrastructure support and online marketing. We like to think, we help create the best of the internet.

How did it
all begin?

Gloss Web Design started back in 2010, as a small business based in Bexley, Kent supporting less than a handful of local companies with their complex IT needs both online and locally in-office. Back then we covered everything from creating algorithmic based spreadsheets to ecommerce online price management and of course, the odd website here and there.

Since those days, our business has taken huge strides, becoming an important solution provider to clients throughout the UK for both online services and offline support, helping them to see improved commercial success and growth.

The key to our success: Continually providing an unrivalled level of support, cutting edge and commercially successful websites and all whilst keeping our services affordable for business of all sizes.

Why choose Us?

So what makes us different from the other 4 million-odd digital agencies in the world? Well, apart from our flair for strategic creativity, passion for all things online and our amazing sense of humour (you’ll definitely find us funny), we’re sure you won’t find any of the following services together under one roof:

Unique & beautiful design services.
Solid and ongoing support from contact.
Rapid response and follow-up.
In-depth marketing and SEO knowledge.
Skilled understanding of programming multi-layer architecture.
Full understanding of multiple tiers and stacks.